DecoMat HP4 machine

DecoMat-HP4 Achieving outstanding Decoration Solutions


Servo drive technology also for highest pressures

 High precision hot stamping for various articles for the plastic, food, packaging, white goods and automotive industries.

Main features ƒ

  • Basic structure with 4 or 6 station rotary indexing table ƒ
  • Selection of up to 4 different hot stamping modules ƒ
  • Fully automatic placement robot ƒ
  • Inspection system for 100% quality control ƒ
  • Compact design

Your Benefits

Highest production flexibility due to modular concept ƒ

  • Quick change-over from one product to another ƒ
  • Foil saving stamping head arrangement ƒ
  • Fully automatic in- or offline operation ƒ
  • Low operating costs due to highest energy efficiency