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Expertise Expertise all along the line

Expertise in each discipline

The key to perfection

An optimal, finely tuned process chain which guarantees best performance starts with a thorough collection of the customer’s requests conducted in close collaboration with our product development. In cooperation with our partners and suppliers the manufacturing and procurement of individual parts and subassemblies is pushed ahead so that these can be assembled to a machine at Madag Decoration.

Prior to delivery all our machines go through an intensive performance and production simulation. Finally, our hot stamping machines are commissioned at our worldwide clientele and handed over to the operators.


Sales & Marketing

At the source of customers' requirements

Profound intake of requirements

To achieve a sustainable success in the extensively competitive market for hot stamping machines it is of highest importance to exactly know the customer’s requirements. A profound knowledge of the requirements as well as a reliable consultation constitutes the basis for a long term partnership and cooperation.

Direct cooperation

Madag Decoration sells its hot stamping machines in direct cooperation with its clientele. Proven and competent partners support our worldwide presence.

Research & Development

The key to sustainable success

Highly qualified staff

Standstill means a step backwards! Due to this reason Madag Decoration invests in continous research and development of its hot stamping machines. Higly qualified and competent employees are working on solutions for tomorrow - in oder to be competitive for the day after tomorrow.



Modern infrastructure

State ot the art infrastructure, CAD workstations and continuous education of our employees allow us the deployment of key competences for hot stamping machines in the sectores of process technology, mechanics as well as in our control an operatio systems.


Procurement & Logistics

The link of our success

Long-time cooperation

Individual parts and semi-assemblies for our hot stamping machines are created in close cooperation with proven long-term system partners. Madag Decoration relies exclusively on suppliers that are able to provide the requested quality certificates and records over several years. We only deploy top products which can cope with the international competition.

Efficient ERP system

We manage the whole procurement and logistics process by use of a modern ERP system that is optimally set up for the requirements of Madag Decoration.

Assembly & Commissioning

Dedication to quality is breaking through!

Acknowledged professionals

All our hot stamping machines are assembled by our experienced experts in our ideally equipped assembly hall according to the customer’s specifications and run through a clearly defined commissioning and control process.

Production simulation

Before our hot stamping machines go into service at the premises of our worldwide clientele, a Madag in-house pre-acceptance is carried out. In this process all agreed performance parameters of our hot stamping machines go through a one-to-one production simulation.